Lothian Research Safe Haven

Lothian Research Safe Haven

The Lothian Research Safe Haven (LRSH) provides support for researchers seeking to access data held within electronic health records of patients within NHS Lothian while protecting patient privacy and confidentiality.  Extracts of data are securely linked together and anonymised within a secure IT environment before being made available through restricted access to named approved researchers for specific approved projects.

The LRSH secure environment comprises trained and approved staff working on a range of datasets held within dedicated secure servers within NHS Lothian.  These staff curate hosted data and undertake data processing and linkage of extracts of data for specific projects.

Named approved researchers are granted restricted remote-access to anonymised extracts of this data on a secure analytic platform, within the safe haven environment, to carry out their analyses. Only aggregated data can be released from the safe haven after being assessed for risk of disclosure of identifiable information.  Individual level data may be released if the appropriate approvals and consent are in place.

Types of Projects Supported

A range of projects and activities can be supported by LRSH.  The offerings are developed to meet the needs of researchers and to address information governance and security requirements for handling patient data. Although the focus of activity is in supporting research, audit and service evaluation may also be supported.

  • Feasibility studies & cohort identification
  • Linkage to study data (consented as part of research project) – SHARE register, Clinical trials
  • Data hosting for onward sharing
  • Data linkage and annotation of tissue

Contact Us

LRSH is part of NHS Lothian R&D and receives funding from the Scottish Government Chief Scientist Office (CSO).

For further information contact LRSH@nhslothian.scot.nhs.uk

NHS Lothian Research Safe Haven Brochure 2020