LRSH offers a range of services and support to the research community in facilitating access to data for use in health-related research.  These include providing guidance on what data is available or can be sourced, support in developing projects and submitting an application, guidance and support with approvals  and the legal, ethical and security responsibilities to use health data responsibly.

The LRSH team undertake a range of data processing and linkage activity in preparing data for research. Researchers are encouraged to liaise with the LRSH team at an early stage to ensure requirements can be met and to obtain an estimate of cost to write into their grant.

Data Management/linkage:

  • Dataset acquisition, hosting/curation
  • Data linkage (and CHI indexing, if require)
  • Vital status checking
  • Data extraction, processing and anonymization
  • Disclosure and Risk assessment
  • Facilitating remote access to data via a Safe Haven analytic platform

Advice and support in developing an application are free as is preparing aggregates for feasibility. The LRSH is however required to cost recover on data management, linkage and provisioning of access. An estimate of cost will be provided once the scope of the activity has been determined.

Advice and support:

  • Availability of data for research
  • Project design & research methodology
  • Advice on data management and linking datasets
  • Data annotation of tissue studies
  • Advise and support on the required approvals
  • Links with analytical expertise/services
  • Links with Researchers & Clinicians
  • Provide cost estimates for the proposed activity

LRSH has strong links to academic and clinical professionals and works in collaboration with NHS Lothian Analytical Service, Edinburgh Clinical Trials Unit, NHS Lothian BioResource, NHS Lothian eHealth, Farr Institute and eDRIS to provide the range of expertise, services and support to meet the researcher’s requirements.