EudraCT Reporting

EudraCT Reporting

Uploading CTIMP results to EudraCT is mandatory and allows the public free access to clinical trial information via the European Union Clinical Trials Register (EU CTR)

Results of Clinical Trials of Investigational Medical Products (CTIMPs) must be uploaded to the European Clinical Trials Database (EudraCT) within 12 months of the ‘end of trial’ or within 6 months of the ‘end of trial’ for paediatric studies.  

This task is delegated to Chief Investigators of CTIMPs co-sponsored by the University of Edinburgh and NHS Lothian.

Registering with EudraCT

The CI or delegated person in the research team should:

  • Register as a user to provide results data with EudraCT click here to register
  • Contact ACCORD with the username, e-mail address and EudraCT number to request to be assigned as a results user to that trial
  • Data can then be uploaded

MedDRA Coding Adverse Events for Upload

All Adverse Events (AEs) must be coded to System Organ Class (SOC) using the MedDRA web-based tool

  • Contact ACCORD to request a MedDRA ID and password and additional guidance on where to access training at

Uploading Data

If you require any guidance for uploading result related information, contact ACCORD at

Confirming Upload

When your upload is complete, you must submit a confirmatory e-mail to the Medicine and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA). 

  • Title the email ‘End of trial: result-related information: EudraCT XXXX-XXXXXX-XX’ and e-mail to
  • Copy the Sponsors in this e-mail at  
  • Note you will not receive an acknowledgment e-mail or letter from the MHRA

There is no requirement to submit an end of study report to the MHRA.  An end of study report should be sent to the Research Ethics Committee and the Sponsor.  Further information on CTIMP reporting can be found in ACCORD SOP CR011 Clinical Study Report Preparation.

Further guidance on uploading data is available on the EudraCT website

Commission Guideline 2012/C 302/03 also provides further information on posting results.